Awards Programme


We follow the ASA plan although we have added more skills in to make each stage a little more difficult as we have found children get stuck on the higher levels if they do not have a good foundation. 


Each level is awarded with a certificate, and a medal can purchased to match the certificate for £2.

To pass each stage your child must be able to:

Stage 1

Confidently kicking correctly on their front with face in and on their back with a float without teacher support. Skills: Jumping in without teacher support, push and glides on their front and back and happily putting their face in to pick up sinkers.


Stage 2

Over arm front crawl and kicking on their back confidently without any aids. Skills: Jumping in and swimming to climb out, completely submerging to pick up sinkers, star floats on their front and back without any support.


Stage 3

Frontcrawl, understanding how to breathe sideways, backstroke with correct arm action, understanding breastroke legs and butterfly legs. Skills: treading water, sculling feet first and handstands.


Stage 4

Frontcrawl with correct sideways breathing, Backstroke competently and breastroke arms and legs, correct timing but not necessarily breathing correctly and Butterfly legs, arms having been introduced. Skills: feet first sculling, somersaults, handstands, treading water for a minute and swimming through a hoop.


Stage 5

All 4 strokes technically correct. Skills: tumble turns, diving, backstroke starts, correct underwater phase, sculling on front and back, swimming with clothes on. 


Excellence Awards

Not every child is going to be an olympic swimmer but we aim to recognise the children who put effort in every week.

These awards are very special and are given out at the end of each summer term.