Weekly Lessons​


We provide weekly lessons for small groups of no more than 5 children or adults in various venues. These lessons are suitable for ages 3+ right up to competitive levels. We are able to cater for your needs.

We also offer private and 1:2 lessons weekly.

Intensive Lessons


These are 5 day courses offered in the holidays. They are available in most of our venues. There are suitable from 3+ and really are a great way to get your child's confidence up quickly or just give your child the boost they need to progress their swimming. 

Private Lessons


We offer one off private lessons as well as regular ones. They tend to favour those who have the odd thing they want to perfect or prefer that individual time. 

Competitive Swimming/ Lifeguarding


Swimming isn't just about learning. It is a life skill which you can enjoy throughout your life. We offer lessons suitable for older children and adults, to keep them fit and health and enjoying the pool. 

Adult Lessons


It's never too late to learn. We regularly run adult courses to get those who haven't had the opportunity before or perhaps were aprehensive about learning into and enjoying the aquatic environment.